The Next Step (PT-PT)

1ª Temporada

S01E01 – Get The Party Started

S01E02 – Everybody Dance Now

S01E03 – Dance, Dance

S01E04 – Rock and a Hard Place

S01E05 – Steal My Sunshine

S01E06 – Good Girls Go Bad

S01E07 – Love Story

S01E08 – Just the Two of Us

S01E09 – Video Killed the Radio Star

S01E10 – Road To Joy

S01E11 – Can You Keep A Secret?

S01E12 – Get It Together

S01E13 – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

S01E14 – Sabotage

S01E15 – Changes

S01E16 – Help

S01E17 – Forget You

S01E18 – Brand New

S01E19 – First Date

S01E20 – We Are Family

S01E21 – Break Stuff

S01E22 – Come Back… Be Here

S01E23 – Dancing in the Street

S01E24 – Price Tag

S01E25 – Bad Moon Rising

S01E26 – Can’t Fight This Feeling

S01E27 – I’m So Excited

S01E28 – Fancy Footwork

S01E29 – This Is How We Do It

S01E30 – Winner Takes All

2ª Temporada

S02E01 – Don’t Stop the Party

S02E02 – My Boyfriend’s Back

S02E03 – Ready to Start

S02E04 – The Final Cut

S02E05 – The Girl Is Mine

S02E06 – Work It

S02E07 – It Takes Two

S02E08 – What I’ll Do

S02E09 – Never Enough

S02E10 – I Hope I Get It

S02E11 – Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

S02E12 – Time to Move On

S02E13 – The Truth Comes Out

S02E14 – Sing

S02E15 – You’re the One That I Want

S02E16 – Hazy Shade of Winter

S02E17 – Game On

S02E18 – Make a Plan to Love Me

S02E19 – Sacrifice

S02E20 – Heartbreaker

S02E21 – Hello Trouble

S02E22 – Lost

S02E23 – Better Than This

S02E24 – Under Pressure

S02E25 – Just Dance

S02E26 – Water It

S02E27 – Run This Town

S02E28 – Re-Match

S02E29 – Old Friends

S02E30 – I Don’t Know

S02E31 – What Are You Waiting For?

S02E32 – You Love Me

S02E33 – Rewind

S02E34 – What Dreamers Do


3ª Temporada

S03E01 – Coming Home?

S03E02 – Game, Set and Match

S03E03 – Secrets

S03E04 – Let the Games Begin

S03E05 – The Fallout

S03E06 – The Times They Are a Changin

S03E07 – Your New Beginning

S03E08 – I’m Your Captain

S03E09 – The Nutcracker Prince

S03E10 – Can’t Fight This Feeling

S03E11 – Marry Me

S03E12 – Do The Right Thing

S03E13 – Put You First

S03E14 – I Hope I Get It

S03E15 – The New Girl in Town

S03E16 – Sweet Spot

S03E17 – Square Dance

S03E18 – Mixed Messages

S03E19 – Never There

S03E20 – Cry Me a River

S03E21 – Today I’m Getting Over You

S03E22 – Its my Party

S03E23 – Welcome to Miami

S03E24 – Lost at Sea

S03E25 – When the War is Over

S03E26 – We are the World

S03E27 – Blind

S03E28 – Turn, Turn, Turn

S03E29 – She’s Not You

S03E30 – How It Ends


4ª Temporada

S04E01 – One More Time

S04E02 – Stir It Up

S04E03 – Heads Will Roll

S04E04 – Welcome to the Jungle

S04E05 – Square One

S04E06 – London Calling

S04E07 – Walk This Way

S04E08 – Runaway

S04E09 – Dancing with Myself

S04E10 – Simple Twist of Fate

S04E11 – On the Rocks

S04E12 – Knowing Me, Knowing You

S04E13 – The Game Belongs To Me

S04E14 – I Can’t Go For That

S04E15 – I Only Have Eyes for You

S04E16 – Love Will Tear Us Apart

S04E17 – Nobody’s Fault But Mine

S04E18 – Your Time Is Gonna Come

S04E19 – How Deep Is Your Love

S04E20 – Heat of the Moment

S04E21 – Kiss and Tell

S04E22 – Rumor Has It

S04E23 – Here Comes Your Man

S04E24 – Tainted Love

S04E25 – A Fool In Love

S04E26 – Karma Police

S04E27 – Only You

S04E28 – Danger Zone

S04E29 – Rivalry

S04E30 – Nobody’s Perfect

S04E31 – Shake It Off

S04E32 – Come Together

S04E33 – It Ain’t Easy

S04E34 – Bold As Love

S04E35 – Taking Care of Business

S04E36 – The Edge of Glory

S04E37 – Even Better Than the Real Thing

S04E38 – Don’t Stop Me Now

S04E39 – Livin’ on a Prayer

S04E40 – No Name Yet

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